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This Site was planed to host a lot of different RPG and Strategy Games.
However right now i am playing Morrowind and that is the reason
why you can find only this game here now ;-)


Melnibonean Race Mod for Morrowind

This is a new Race called "Melnibonean" for Morrowind.
It has been invented by Michael Moorcock for his epic "Elric" saga.
The Melnibonean are aristocratic, decadent Mage/Warriors
that worship the gods of chaos (called Daedra in this realm).
I also added a new birth sign called "Dragon Ancestor".
It adds dragon like powers but is not too mighty.

Melnibonean Race Mod 1.0

Last update 04.06.2002
Optimum Resolution 800 x 600 and higher
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